The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

So after watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire I can officially say that my mind has been blown. I was worried as being a major Hunger Games fan and with all the hype around the film I thought it wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. It seems now that the worrying was for nothing. Warning this post does contain some spoilers so if you do not know the story or haven’t

Catching Fire is an all out thrill ride from start to finish, admittedly slow to get into the real action, but this is necessary as the second book is not only packed with action because of the 75th anniversary and third Quarter Quell of the games but it starts to bring depth to the story line and continues on theme of rebellion and an uprising within the districts.

The film was incredible, from action and special effects to the acting and story portraying everything kept me and most audiences hocked throughout the entire film. The series, like many, takes a darker turn and Hunger Gmaes does this through subtle threats from President Snow who basically tells Katniss if a rebellion starts he will kill her over a nice cup of tea and in a very cool control manner making the scene between them tense with Snow coming off ten times more of a threat then just shouting at Katniss.

I would ruin the film but the special effects from this one out do the first and as sequels goes this one will keep everyone on the edge of their seat throughout with them practically grabbing out at the screen for the last instalment. I was worried about the hype and the fact that sequels never live up to the first one but Catching Fire does not have this problem. It continues the story without trying to over do things as well as not trying to out do the first nor make it worse to make the first one look better. It is a great film in its own right, which I think comes down great graphics, writing and riecting teams and of course a superb story to bring to the big screen.

The only negative point I could make is that the film did leave out some small points which I think were quite relevant so that the story made more sense and characters came off slightly different. This is only noticeable to those that have read the book so in terms of just the film watchers this would’t take anything away from the film, but for portraying the story I was slightly disappointed as they would only take up a few seconds of time which wouldn’t be that bad.

Its good that I don’t want to spoil anything because this post would be never ending. I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan i read all the books in under a week and simply can’t get enough of the films. Catching Fire lived up to all my expectations and more which is saying something as they were pretty high. If for whatever crazy reason you haven’t started watching the Hunger Games go an what them, especially in the cinema. In this day and age people don’t read but I urge that you spent time on the books as they are even better then the films and a fantastic read.

Let me know what you think about the series I couldn’t be more obsessed so brace yourself for long discussion. I’m really looking forward to the last film and I’ll be posting more about it when trailers and details are realised.


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